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Early Initiation of Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding, Asia, Baby and Mother, Long Term Risk


Tujuan: Tinjauan sistematis ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui risiko jangka panjang dari inisiasi menyusui dini pada ibu dan bayi di Asia.
Metode: Metode yang digunakan dalam penulisan tinjauan pustaka ini adalah tinjauan sistematis dengan menggunakan kata kunci yaitu “Inisiasi Menyusui Diniâ€, “Menyusuiâ€, “ASIâ€, “Asiaâ€, “Risikoâ€, “Bayi dan Ibuâ€, “Panjang Jangka Risiko", dan "Manfaat". Pencarian literatur dilakukan dengan menggunakan database Google Scholar, Pubmed dan NCBI.
Hasil: Dari hasil penelusuran literatur berdasarkan kata kunci diperoleh 25 jurnal, dimana tujuh jurnal diantaranya memenuhi kriteria risiko jangka panjang IMD bagi ibu dan bayi di Asia. Satu penelitian pada penelitian ini menggunakan sistematik review, lima penelitian menggunakan studi kohort retrospektif, dan satu penelitian menggunakan studi cross sectional. Studi tersebut menemukan banyak risiko positif serta manfaat inisiasi menyusui dini bagi ibu dan bayi dalam jangka panjang di Asia.
Kesimpulan: Risiko positif pada bayi antara lain peningkatan imunitas, penurunan risiko kematian, dan pencegahan obesitas. Sedangkan risiko jangka panjang bagi ibu antara lain mempercepat involusi rahim, mencegah kanker payudara, serta menurunkan risiko diabetes dan pradiabetes pada ibu yang pernah mengalami diabetes gestasional.
Kata kunci: Menyusui; Asia; Bayi; Ibu; Risiko Jangka Panjang Abstract
Objective: This systematic review aims to determine the long-term risks of early initiation of breastfeeding in mothers and babies in Asia.
Method: The method used in writing this literature review is systematization using keywords, namely "Early Initiation of Breastfeeding", "Breastfeeding", "ASI", "Asia", "Risk", "Baby and Mother", "Long Term Risk" , and "Benefits".A literature search was conducted using Google Scholar, Pubmed and NCBI databases.
Results: From the results of a literature search based on keywords, 25 journals were obtained, of which seven journals met the criteria for long-term risk of IMD for mothers and babies in Asia. One study in this study used a systematic review, five studies used a retrospective cohort study, and one study used a cross-sectional study. The study found many positive risks and benefits of early initiation of breastfeeding for mothers and babies in the long term in Asia.

Conclusion: Positive risks for babies include increasing immunity, reducing the risk of death, and preventing obesity. Meanwhile, long-term risks for mothers include accelerating uterine involution, preventing breast cancer, and reducing the risk of diabetes and prediabetes in mothers who have experienced gestational diabetes.


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